Dark Chocolate with Coconut Chia


3 oz. Bar. Sold by the case. 8 Bars per case.

This is new. Chocolate made from Cocoa and Stevia, the entirely natural wonder sweetener from Paraguay. Safe and beneficial.

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70% Dark Chocolate Stevia Sweetened

Taste our bars in comparison with any luxury chocolate product, with or without sugar or sugar substitutes. The taste is wonderful. Here's more information about the key sweetening ingredient.

Stevia has been used in parts of South America for over a thousand years as a sweetening agent. It has been allowed for use in Japan and parts of Asia for decades but only recently, due to bureaucratic inertia, has it been allowed to be used in foods in the U.S.

The sweetening agent, Reb A, derived from the Stevia plant is natural but its strength makes using it effectively in fine foods such as luxury chocolate products difficult since the sweetening effect is, weight for weight, 300 times sweeter than sugar. We tried hundreds of formulations before presenting our bars which have a unique and completely wonderful taste and mouthfeel with no indication that the sweetness comes from Stevia.

Adding Stevia to chocolate does not result in digestive difficulties which may occur with other sugar substitutes. Stevia is also safe and effective for diabetics. One web site declares, "Rather than raise blood sugar like most other natural sweeteners, stevia actually lowers it. Research from the Journal of Phytomedicine shows that stevia helps control blood glucose and promotes insulin creation." This article was published in 2006 prior to the FDA approval of Reb A (extract of Stevia).

Dave's Garden, a well-known internet gardening page, has much information about Stevia Rebaudiana, the source for our sweetener. The plant will grow outdoors all year in much of the southern United States and, in the north, can be cultivated either as a seasonal plant, started indoors, or as a container plant, moved inside when the temperature falls. The plant itself is not difficult to grow, and the leaves, taken from the plant without any treatment, are incredibly sweet.

Price: $42.00