39% Milk Hazelnut


2.82 oz. Bar. Sold by the case. 8 Bars per case.

Hazelnuts are a long standing confectionery favorite for good reason; taste and texture. Mix plenty of them that with our unequalled Stevia sweetened milk chocolate and you have a very healthy and delicious result.

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39% Milk Hazelnut Stevia Sweetened Chocolate

Coco Polo, 39% Cocoa Stevia Sweetened Milk Chocolate Bar with Split Hazelnuts.

The combination of hazelnuts and chocolate seems natural, and has occurred in many cultures in products which are synonymous with luxury and great taste. We are happy to continue this tradition with our Stevia Sweetened, Cadenza Milk Chocolate Bar with Split Hazelnuts. The hazelnuts are split rather than crushed, so that the crunch adds to the taste experience.

Hazelnuts have been cultivated for over 5,000 years.

Two sources: here and here state that hazelnuts are “exceptionally rich in folate, … an excellent source of vitamin E; … packed with many important B- complex groups of vitamins”. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant, and folate has almost unique value for expectant mothers. Also declared is that “a single serving a day can reduce the risk of heart disease”.

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