39% Milk Elderberry


2.5 oz. Bar. Sold by the case. 8 Bars per case.

The antioxidant champion with elderberries grown in high altitude Austrian meadows far from pollutants, pesticides and fertilizers adding a hint of blueberries to our sensational Stevia sweetened milk chocolate.

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39% Milk Elderberry Stevia Sweetened Chocolate

Coco Polo, 39% Cocoa Stevia Sweetened Milk Chocolate Bar with Elderberry Fruit.

The product: Stevia Sweetened Milk Chocolate Bar with Elderberry Fruit – but the challenge is to tell you about elderberry and why we have chosen to combine elderberries with our delicious Milk Chocolate. Many people may not have a taste reference for elderberries. A easy comparison is blueberries: not the usual commercial product but rather magnificent high- bush blueberries, small with vital flavor. The elderberry taste in our Coco Polo Stevia bar is similar, but in fact is even more flavorful, which when combined with our Milk Chocolate Sweetened with Stevia yields a wonderful balance: tart round berry taste with mouth-filling chocolate, incredibly satisfying.

The combination brings additional health benefits to this bar: as always we emphasize both taste and health. The elderberry [www.blackelderberry.info] “has nearly five times the level of anthocyanins (natural antioxidants) of the blueberry!” and that it “has twice the overall antioxidant capability of the cranberry!“ The elderberry may not be well-known but its health effects have been thoroughly investigated and documented! Comparative antioxidant levels of fruit are discussed here (elderberry is a star!) and detailed references to the health benefits of elderberries are here. Each serving size (the bar contains 2 serving sizes) has more than 500 milligrams of elderberries. The antioxidant level (ORAC) of the elderberries we use has been verified by Brunswick Labs, an independent testing laboratory.

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